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细纹, 皱纹, frown lines- they’re all too common as we age 和 can have a significant impact on the quality of your skin. 肉毒杆菌素®抚平额头上的皱纹, 处理两眼之间的线条, 改善鱼尾纹的外观. So, you can feel refreshed 和 look years younger without undergoing major surgery. 这种微创, fda批准的治疗不需要停机时间, so you can come in for a quick treatment on your lunch break.

Fort Lauderdale’s premier medical spa at the 冰球突破app is known for delivering the highest level of service quality, 以及最新的医疗水疗. We have been trusted for over 15 years 和 served over 10,000个客户 to date. 我们的中心是南佛罗里达顶级的医疗水疗中心之一, with a high Google Review rating 和 over 300 5-star reviews.

We underst和 that cosmetic treatments can be a significant financial investment. For specials 和 promotions, be sure to check out our 特殊的会员价格. Our exclusive deals can help make your procedure(s) more affordable 和 more convenient.

If you’ve started noticing signs of aging on your face, you’re not alone. 在南佛罗里达整容中心, we’ve seen thous和s of patients who desired a more youthful look 和 smoother skin. Wrinkles, smile lines, 和 crow’s feet can all make a noticeable difference to your appearance.

肉毒杆菌® is one of the most popular ways to smooth fine lines 和 皱纹 on the face. 这个过程是微创性的, fda批准, 不需要停机时间, 所以你甚至可以在午休时间完成治疗.


  • 在30分钟或更短的时间内服用.
  • 放松眼部和眉毛周围的面部肌肉.
  • 减少面部皱纹.
  • Designed to treat dynamic 皱纹 caused by frowning, squinting, 和 furrowing of the brows.
  • 每件10元,最低限购20件或 成员.



第一个, your physician will take your complete medical history to determine if you are a good c和idate for treatment. 然后, they’ll perform a comprehensive facial examination to determine which areas of your face may benefit from 肉毒杆菌®. Your physician will work with you to address your concerns 和 create the best treatment plan for you. They will also explain the procedure in detail 和 give you an idea of the results you can expect to achieve.


第一个, your technician will assess your facial anatomy 和 identify the muscles that are causing wrinkling. 后 isolating these muscles, a tiny needle is used to inject a very small amount of 肉毒杆菌. Essentially, 肉毒杆菌® will paralyze the nerve controlling a muscle 和 prevent it from contracting. Since the muscle is no longer able to move, deep lines are no longer able to form.


As soon as 肉毒杆菌® is injected into your facial muscles, it paralyzes the nerves controlling them. The overlying 皱纹 和 lines disappear, 和 the face instantly looks younger 和 more attractive. Results usually last three to four months, however this will vary from person to person. You should avoid lying down for four to five hours after your procedure. 至少四小时内不要接触治疗区域.

Nataliya T

“I visited Med Spa at South Florida Center 和 got 肉毒杆菌 for the first time. My appointment was 3 weeks ago, 和 I couldn’t be happier with the results. 我有3个区域,我非常喜欢它的结果! 谢谢你!!”

-Nataliya T.

Your physician will use a tiny needle to inject botox into the selected facial muscles, 导致神经麻痹. 一旦发生这种情况, 肌肉将不能再移动, 和 皱纹 are minimized significantly (your experience may vary).

You must stop smoking, taking aspirin, or taking diet pills at least two weeks before the procedure. 在你最初的咨询中, your physician will give you a realistic expectation of the results you can expect to achieve 和 possibly suggest additional procedures to enhance your treatment. 治疗前, your surgeon will give you specific instructions to prepare for your 肉毒杆菌 appointment.

肉毒杆菌 treatments generally take about 30 minutes to complete.

没有一个. Some patients prefer to apply a mild analgesic cream 30 minutes before their treatment. This effectively eliminates the slight twinge that may be caused by the fine needle during treatment. However, most patients find that applying any form of anesthetic is unnecessary.

是的. 肉毒杆菌® is a very simple procedure, so you can return home immediately after treatment.


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